W15: Land use change modelling using Cellular Automata based SLEUTH


Instructor: M.C. Chandan


Monitoring urban growth and predicting future scenarios of built up foot print has drawn considerable attention across the globe over last two decades. Researchers have adopted geospatial techniques to quantify, validate and predict urban growth. SLEUTH is one such urban growth model working on the principles of Cellular Automata.  SLEUTH model has been extensively used because of its excellent compatibility, availability of open source files and demo data sets to execute the program. Numerous applications have been reported over different parts of the world to successfully address urban growth planning and management. This workshop offers a unique opportunity to understand, explore and modify source files as per user’s requirement along with hands on training session.

The goal of the course is to:

  • teach the basic procedures and methods of the land use analysis level I classification using grass and google earth sampling
  • teach to develop data for modelling using SLEUTH package 
  • demonstrate the steps of modelling land use SLEUTH


Course Information

Date of course:            During the FOSS 4G Asia conference

Course presenter:        Mr. Chandan M.C., EURG, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur


The course will start with attendees downloading the software and the data necessary.  First part of the course would help the attendees develop the basics of land use analysis using open source software grass and accuracy assessment. The 2nd part of the course would be development of data layers necessary for modelling using sleuth using various data sources. Last part is to demonstrate the implementation of sleuth.


Requirements for attendees:

Laptop or a PC (windows/Linux)

Download sleuth package from Project gigalopolis

Download and install GRASS and QGIS from OSGEO website

Download and install CYGWIN, if working on windows

Download necessary satellite data (If possible)