W12: MapServer hand-on: learn the fastest online mapping engine in the world


Instructor: Jeff McKenna


MapServer (https://mapserver.org), sometimes known as “Cheetah” for its unmatched speed in the online mapping world, has recently had some great enhancements to its list of features. This hands-on workshop is intended as an introduction to sharing your geospatial data with the popular MapServer software, by one of its longtime passionate leaders. The participants will go through the process of setting up a MapServer environment, configuring your data, and sharing the data through MapServer services. Workshop attendees will also get to see the recent MapServer 7.2 changes in person. The goal is to show you that getting started with MapServer is fun 🙂

Don’t miss a hands-on session with a much needed introduction to the famous MapServer project!

Pre-requisite knowledge for the attendees/background of participants

None just be enthusiastic to learn.

Pre-requisite for attending the workshop

Possibly have already installed MapServer on their laptops. We will go through installing MapServer together on Windows, using MS4W(https://ms4w.com)

Would prefer to give this workshop on Windows machines, but can support other platforms.