W05: Workshop on SLEUTH a land use change model


Instructor: M. Vani


Population growth and the consequent economic needs of the community impacts the land use-land cover of the region resulting in changes on the landscape through urbanization and depletion of the available natural resources causing unsustainable development. Hence it is essential to monitor the changes in the landscape and also forecast the land use to ensure a lively secured environment and resources. Geographical Information System is an integral part of landscape planning and management when coupled with forecasting and predictive models on land use land cover change analysis.



S(slope) L(land cover) E(exclusion) U(urbanization) T(transportation) H(hillshade) is an open source landuse change model developed by Dr. Keith C. Clarke at the University of California, Santa Barbara,

Department of Geography. This model is designed exclusively for urban growth analysis and is a universally compatible model.

What you learn in the workshop

 Basic understanding of land use land cover change models

 Introduction to the SLEUTH model

 Model requirements

 Data preparation

 Model calibration

 Growth scenarios

 Validation*

 Prediction*

*Explained with a case study


Target group

Academicians, Researchers, Administrators, Enthusiasts

Maximum number of participants

10 – 20


No prior experience. Though basic knowledge on Remote Sensing and GIS concepts will be an added advantage