W03: Web-GIS Using GeoServer and OpenLayers


Instructor: Shailesh Chaure


The advent of web mapping has changed the way geography is perceived by people. This has been largely powered by a few open source software and systems that have matured over time and provide the functionality, elegance, strength, and user-friendliness equivalent to that of proprietary web-GIS products. These tools have made it possible for everyone to collect, manage, and publish spatial data on the Internet. This workshop will cover, how to use GeoServer and OpenLayers for web-based GIS application development with hands-on sessions. GeoServer is a powerful open source map server and can be used to create lightweight applications using open JavaScript frameworks such as OpenLayers and Leaflet, which run in web browsers. It publishes data from any major spatial data source, such as shapefiles, PostGIS etc. The emphasis of the workshop will be on hands-on learning about developing web-GIS applications. The fundamental concepts of Web-GIS will be covered in a brief session followed by the hands-on session. In the hands-on session, various aspects of web-GIS application development using GeoServer and OpenLayers will be covered. The details are as under:

  • Installing Postgres/PostGIS and importing shapefiles to it.
  • Installation of GeoServer.
  • Adding Shapefiles and PostGIS layers to GeoServer.
  • Adding styles to the layers.
  • Publishing/ previewing added layers as WMS and WFS.
  • Consuming spatial data published from GeoServer as WMS and WFS in QGIS.
  • Demonstration of applications based on GeoServer.
  • Building /developing a simple web application using OpenLayers and HTML.

Pre-requisite knowledge for the attendees/background of participants

Anybody who has a good understanding of GIS and wants to learn the basics of Web-GIS and wishes to start web development. The participant should have basic computer skills along with the experience of GIS data creation and analysis. Knowledge of PostGIS and basics of programming scripts like JavaScript/HTML is desirable.

Duration and Participants

Duration of the workshop will be a full day and the maximum participants may by up to 20.

Any other information

Participants are required to bring their own laptops (Windows OS) with QGIS installed.