W01: Mobile open source GIS applications for societal needs

Instructor: Natraj Vaddadi 

This workshop aims at presenting the use of Mobile Open Source applications for collecting and further visualization of data and their use in sustainable development. The workshop will focus on the details of installing and using field data collection application (ODK) running on Android devices.

Any individual who is in the field of research and uses data for further study will benefit from this workshop. It will equip participants with tools & skills to leverage mobiles for data collection and its visualization for a variety of societal needs related to awareness and management of natural resources (like water), disaster mitigation, public health, asset/facility management and environmental monitoring, education and research.

Workshop Outline – Description

  • Introduction to Open source data collection tools
  • ODK Tools and Aggregate – Introduction
  • ODK Build – Form design/creation – Simple and advanced
  • ODK Collect – Field data collection app
  • Actual data collection in the field
  • Deploying ODK Aggregate for Field data aggregation, visualization, and analysis.
  • Case studies of usage in community based projects.


Who can attend the workshop?

Suitable for anyone who knows English and is able to use a Smartphone (android) / tablet.  This workshop is specifically designed for people / organizations who use computers but are not IT specialists. Knowledge of computer programming is not required.

Duration: One day

Type of activity: Classroom facilitation with form design & hands on field data collection.

Material required: Each participant needs to bring his/her own android smartphone / tablet