Uaw Vote On Agreement

“I`ve got it in me right now,” laughs Avery, as fans pass by and ring their horns. Avery is in a good mood today. Hours earlier, his UAW union had reached a preliminary agreement with General Motors to end the strike that shut down the automaker for more than a month. The agreement, which would include increases, lump sum bonuses and ways to earn peak wages at different levels of employees, was rejected by a large Ford plant. UAW`s top residents are expected to vote next week, but a majority of the ballots from Ford`s Chicago Plant Assembly, which is a problem, said no to the deal this week. All votes are due on November 15. Wage increases, health protection and changes for temporary workers are good in the preliminary agreement, Yakim said, but without a guaranteed product allowance, it won`t matter. A rejection will probably mean returning to the negotiating table. In 2015, members of the FCA union rejected the interim contract. The UAW negotiating team met to identify the problems, returned to the negotiating table to renegotiate.

This lasted two weeks, but the renegotiated interim agreement was accepted at 77%. DETROIT (Reuters) – The United Auto Workers union said on Friday that members of Ford Motor Co had voted in favor of a new four-year contract with the U.S. automaker No. 2. Members of UAW Local 551 in Chicago voted “no” for 60% of the vote. About half of the more than 5,000 workers represented by this resident did not vote. “I get it, a $11,000 signing bonus is great, especially if you`ve been out for over a month, but if you vote no, you can earn so much more! And in a few weeks, vote again with a much better contract,” Bob Mejda of Auburn Hill, Michigan, Morgan said on the UAW Facebook page. While the contract is not ideal, General Motors has added a sweetener. If workers vote in favour of ratifying the agreement, they will receive a signing bonus of $11,000 for permanent employees and $4,500 for temporary workers.

The UAW plans to continue a strike against GM until the evening of October 25 if it votes in favour of the contract. The delay will cost both sides millions of dollars until UAW leaders sell members on a proposed contract, some of whom are dissatisfied, economists said. “Yesterday afternoon, the UAW said it would change our deployment session to Thursday, so we will vote on Thursday,” said O`Hara, who said he spent most of Monday dispelling reports of a threat. “We thank the public for their support during the strike and for their continued support as GM UAW members verify the interim agreement,” said Terry Dittes, Vice President and Director of General Motors.