Tax Sale Extension Agreement

Extrajudicial payment (4) Any person who claims rights under clause 1, point b) or (c) may apply, within one year to the court under paragraph 2, for payment of the amount to which the person is entitled. 2001, about 25, 380 (4). (5) After the expiry of one year from the date of payment, the court determines in court all the rights to be paid for the proceeds of the sale. 2001, about 25, 380 (5). Real estate sold under the tax sale procedure is sold without any guarantee, as will be seen, and the municipality is not required to make unfilled property or insurance. Offers for each property include a real estate data sheet and a key card and are available free of charge online or at Tay Township Town Hall. 2. When the land is put up for sale in a newspaper, the application of provisions (3) subsection 379, paragraph 2, and sections 380 to 387 applies, with the necessary changes to the sale, as if it were the first public sale. 2006, about 32, Sched. A, 157. A final warning to the taxpayer about the remaining time to collect the property tax account and the sale of the unpaid tax. If the cancellation price has not been paid before the expiry of the 365 days from the registration of the tax arrears certificate, then the city will continue with the advertising and sale of property tax. (2) If an agreement is in force in this section, the treasurer of the oberstufengemeinde commune has all the powers of the treasurer of the commune with regard to the collection of tax arrears, including the power to sell land after that part, and the treasurer of the municipality of Oberstufen has all the functions of the treasurer of the commune with regard to this commune , and only the municipality of Oberstufen can sections 378 and 385 2002.

About 17, Sched. A, 74. The city does not offer legal advice on tax sales or other matters. Notification (4) When a regulation is adopted under paragraph 3, the notice of sale indicates that the land for sale does not cover mobile homes on the land. 2001, about 25, 379 (4). Execution of sales (5) The Treasurer conducts a public sale in accordance with the prescribed rules and determines whether there is a successful buyer and (a) when there is a successful buyer, he establishes and registers a notice of taxation on behalf of the selected buyer or in a name that the successful buyer may direct; or (b) if there is no successful buyer, can prepare and register, on behalf of the municipality, a notice on the Vesting. 2001, about 25, 379 (5). Notification of the arrest warrant application (2) The municipality informs the owners and occupants of the land in writing for seven days of the date and place of review of the application for the issuance or renewal of an arrest warrant;b) the purpose of the application and the effect of the authorization;c) the duration of the issuance or renewal of the arrest warrant; owner or inmate, or a representative of an owner or inmate to come forward and give insurance; (e) the fact that, when the owner, inmate or representative does not appear, the judge or justices of the peace may issue or renew the default arrest warrant. 2002, about 17, Sched. A, see 76 (1); 2006, about 21, Sched.C, see 118 (2).

Non-application (4) This section does not apply to land where, after the first public sale, a notice of transfer has been registered for the property. 2006, about 32, Sched. A, see 157. No registration (15) If a notice of transfer is not registered within two years of a public sale that has not been the subject of a selected buyer, the tax arrears certificate is deemed void with respect to the property.