Sample Wedding Dress Rental Agreement

-Renter will return/ship the clothing to Dazzle Dance Dress Rentals no later than the date of return indicated. The tenant is responsible for the secure return of the clothes and will ship the dress with follow-up confirmation to ensure return. The tenant is responsible for the loss/theft during the return and should insure the package if necessary. -The passage of a dress previously reserved for another dress available entails a 25% fee plus the full price of the new dress. -Clothes that are not returned more than 2 days of shipping on the date or before the date indicated are sent 50 USD per day for each dress late until the dress is received, which will be immediately charged on the tenant`s credit card. Late fees are strictly enforced. 585 × 537 × 716Source: -Try on rentals will be 2 days from the date the tenant receives the dress. The dress must be returned within 2 days of receipt or late fee. Try on the rentals allow the tenant to try on clothes to determine fit and will before the requirement for a full tenancy. Try on the period is not used to wear the dress during any type of performance or be danced during wearing. The dress must be returned with the fixed day, or there will be a full rental fee as well as the loss of the deposit.

474 × 2550 × graphic-contract-template-word/photography-contract-template 7265 × -All rental fees due by the tenant must be paid IN FULL TIME OF RESERVATION in order to keep the dress for the dates of the tenant`s event. Clothes are not considered reserved until the full payment has been made and if payment is not received within 24 hours of billing, the booking will be cancelled and clothing will no longer be available. If you really want to do someone`s dream wedding, you can use this wedding lease model. You can complete this wedding rental contract model with your name, number, email address and wedding/reception date.