Molly Maid Franchise Agreement

There are currently more than 120 new areas in the UK, as well as several resale opportunities. Molly Maid`s demographic mapping software allows the team to tailor the boundaries of each new sector based on the place of residence of future franchisees or their knowledge of the target market. 24) key accounts/administrative fees: up to 3% of total gross revenue from key accounts, including gross sales related to key accounts; Gross sales resulting from an agreement or agreement established by Molly Maid`s business development department or a similar group that is part of the company or its agent; Gross revenue for work shipped by each call centre operated by Molly Maid or its representative; Gross sales verified by Molly Maid or her representative in accordance with key accounts standards; or gross sales that also benefit from Molly Maids` key account activities or MOLLY MAID GESTION franchise owners come from all walks of life. With its many years of experience, MOLLY MAID believes that people who have one or more of the following skills and attributes become the most successful franchisees: your day starts with managing a large number of requests and close contact with your teams to ensure they are ready and motivated to provide the highest service our customers expect. They will meet with potential customers in their homes to identify their personal cleaning needs and present the consistent and thorough service our maids will offer to meet these needs. We pride ourselves on providing a high level of customer service to ensure a loyal customer base, linked to the continued guarantee of new regular customers, to ensure sustainable growth and to carry out the essential tasks of corporate directors. It`s an active role that allows you to meet clients in your home while managing other aspects comfortably from home. Each sector of the MOLLY MAID franchise has been carefully designed by market research to ensure you have access to 12,000 potential customers, regardless of the field you choose. Lynne is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company and Andy is better suited for spreadshea guesses and sales! Lynne had left her midwifeship after the birth of our second child. She is very practical and the franchise has given her a new life away from `Bob the Builder!`. The initial training lasts 5 days, with a combination of class style and interactive with existing franchise owners, at the Molly Maid Support Office, for a complete understanding of business systems.

Then, a committed business advisor spends 5 days on site to coach the new franchisee at customer appointments and to participate in employee interviews. From there, the franchisee finds himself on his own, but with the close support of his corporate advisor for the life of the franchise. Sandra Redmond bought a Molly Maid franchise in 1995 and now operates 14 cars and 30 employees at Wimbledon. His approach and success in his company enabled him to win the 2009 most prestigious award for British franchisees, the Bfa HSBC Franchisee of the Year Gold Award. I was looking for a new challenge, but my children were relatively young. I felt like a franchise was going to put me into service very quickly and I would have a lot of support to help me make my new business a success. Looking for a franchise with more than 35 years of experience? Do you want to be part of a $2.7 billion industry? With MOLLY MAID, you can… And more! Molly Maid is the most recognized in the home cleaning market and pushes more than 1000 customers a week to its franchise owners. The brand is very passionate about the support it offers to its partners and with its brand-protected HomeSafe cleaning processes.