Doula Agreement

Is there a solution that takes into account both the needs of the Doula and the needs of the customer? The mother and the partner agree: – Prevent the Doulas from changes in the birth plan as a planned medical induction – Stay informed and inform the Doulas of changes in hospital policy regarding Doula`s support – Contact the doulas at the beginning of labour – Advise, where the doula should report to start work aid – Talk with Doula support providers in OR and/or rest room should be required cesarean section Missed Birth: – If the mother or her birth partner does not notify the Doulas 2 hours before the requested reporting time, and doula missed the birth, the Atlanta Doulas will keep the entire charge. – If the Doula misses the birth due to birth registration more than 2 hours after the mother`s request, the full fee of 1195 USD will be reimbursed. – If the hospital/hospital staff policy does not allow to participate in the delivery, the Doula will offer virtual support by phone, FaceTime, Zoom, etc. based on the preferences of the parents. The Atlanta Doulas keep all the fees. Childcare is often seen as an obstacle to Doula`s long-term work. Some respondents stated that they have child care costs at birth and that a lump sum wage with an unlimited work allowance not only reduces the hourly rate they receive, but also pays an hourly rate for child care, which further reduces their income. Some Doulas also concerned about the health risks of exhaustion and stress through a long work without Doula relief. Some cited sacrifices made by family members and burdens related to family relationships due to resentments that, on the part of those who are not paid, to run the household smoothly, while the Doula was on a long unpredictable job. Altruism – putting the needs of another before one`s own – is a common feature of Doulas and can be essential to provide excellent support at work. Altruism can also be the factor contributing to rapid burnout and high wear and tear of birth doulas. Half of the 314 Doulas that have an overtime clause added this clause to their contract after having a series of very long births (some of which led the Doula to lose money) and realized that a Doula career of birth would not be viable if it had not made some changes.

After they are born: your Doula usually stays with you after birth, until you are comfortable and your family is ready for a quiet period. It will be available at the time of the first breastfeeding period. Once your Doula party is available, it will be available by phone or text to answer questions about the birth or about your baby. She wants to see you again for a postnatal visit. (more below) Date of birth: Some of our Doulas take notes for a birth story or work line at no extra cost. We cannot take notes in rapid births or births where the mother needs our constant attention. Even though we can give you a line of work, we strongly recommend you write your own story. We can help you fill in some of the details. There are few topics that generate more debate among the Doulas than overtime charges and Doulas modifications.

There are passionate voices on both sides of the debate and it is unlikely that there will soon be a consensus. But one thing is clear, families in the making must fully understand how the Doula has contracted, the number of hours of custody included and the changes in custody or fees (i.e. the backup doula, overtime fees, etc.) that can take place. These conditions should be clearly understood and documented prior to the conclusion of the contract. Once the extra fees were introduced for the long work and Doula backup fees, many doulas said they felt much better about the long hours and on the call in a Doula back-up paid by customers rather than the Doula.