Custom Software Support Agreement

The licensee undertakes to exploit the software or services provided by the licensee in accordance with and on the platforms recommended by the documentation. The licensee agrees to take appropriate security measures in all aspects of your computer systems, including appropriate administrative guidelines, password strength, current anti-malware and anti-malware software, network perimeter security, detection of intrusion attempts, protection of files/configuration scripts, and that operating and application software is patched within the manufacturer`s recommended time frame. Software customization is not included in this agreement. Software adaptation includes code-ready behavior, libraries, JavaScripts, Active Server Pages (ASP, ASPX or ASP.NET), – Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) or the addition of new features/features. The licensee is committed to ensuring that all software, configuration files, license keys, installation media are backed up regularly. Before an assist case occurs, it is your responsibility to properly back up all the data and applications in your network or to ensure that these backups are complemented by all the hosted services you access. The licensee assures the licensee that the services provided under this file are provided in a professional manner, in accordance with proper use and recognised practices, as established in the Community where these services are provided. If these services have not been provided and the taker informs the donor within forty-five (45) days from the date of completion of the service, the licensee, as he sees fit, will correct all defects and defects for which he is responsible, either to make a refund or a credit on the basis of the initial service fee. The registered refund is calculated from the date of the official notification until the termination of the current contract. Maintenance and support services do not include any of the customized programming services; on-site assistance, including the installation of hardware or software; Support for uncovered software Training out-of-pocket expenses and appropriate expenses, including related equipment and supplies; or any other activity defined in this maintenance contract and considered an additional service. Support Services – What standards should support services meet? Do they have to be provided in accordance with ALS? If so, what are the service levels? Does the service provider have the right to suspend services in the event of a late payment? “fix(s) refers to an additional bypass line and/or line or replacement of the software code provided by the licensee to remedy an error in the materials that had the effect of not operating primarily in accordance with its written specifications. The licensee reserves the right to provide only corrections for current versions of the software.

“Extended support hours,” a support of several hours outside normal business hours that can be made available to the licensee. Extended periods of assistance are left at the discretion of the licensee and may be made available to the licensee for an additional fee. If the service protection withdraws at any time, the licensee may charge you a reactivation fee to verify the products before a new agreement is reached. During the duration of this maintenance contract, the licensee will maintain the covered software by making available to the licensee all updates and software extensions of the covered software (“updates”) proposed by the licensee as part of its general maintenance policy. All updates made available to the licensee by the licensee pursuant to the terms of this maintenance contract are subject to the terms of the Master Software License Agreement.