Cook County Residential Lease Agreement

Standard Residential Lease (Outside Chicago) – fixed life, usually 12 (12) months to write for each unit of dwelling outside Chicago. Concession (765 ILCS 730) – Any type of lease must be mentioned in the lease. If you enter the page, the header with the words “Granted Concession” must be in at least half an inch high on the document. If there is a concession, it is considered a misdemeanor in the state of Illinois. The Cook County Department of Building and Zoning wants to ensure that rental units meet minimum standards for housing, occupancy, building maintenance, good use, appearance and with the building and zoning codes adopted by Cook County. Lead Based Paint – Any apartment built before 1978 must have this endorsement added to each agreement to inform the tenant of this danger. Sublease Contract – Allows a tenant to re-rent their room with the landlord`s consent. Tenants cannot allow the subtenant to stay longer than his or her main tenancy agreement. Illinois law does not require that a tenant be notified after the tenancy period has expired, unless the landlord intends to bring an action for forced entry and detention. However, Chicago regulations require a termination at least 30 days before the expiry or the owner`s intention not to renew the lease. For oral or written monthly rental agreements, a 30-day written notification is required to terminate the lease indicating the last date of the rental period.

A tenant must give 30 days` notice, unless the tenancy agreement indicates a longer period. Annual leases require 60 days` notice. You can increase the rent by any amount by giving the tenant a 7-day period for a week-to-week rent and 30 days for a month to month. Rent increases are prohibited for fixed-term leases, such as . B a one-year lease. In this case, you can increase it after the end of the year. There are no rent control laws in Illinois. Before you can enter a rented building, you must inform the tenant appropriately.

There is no minimum time, but the time – either 12 or 24 hours – should be indicated in the rental agreement. Owners can enter to make necessary or requested repairs or in case of emergency. You can also get entry to show the premises to potential buyers or potential tenants if the tenant has notified the termination, but each entry period must be done with the convenience of the tenant in mind. Illinois has not adopted the uniform of land order and speech, so the rights that tenants have are largely defined by what is included in the tenancy agreement. However, for each lease, there is an implicit guarantee of livability. This means that the owner must provide land suitable for human habitation and include essential services such as heat, hot water, electricity and sewers, and ensure that the property is free of rodents or other parasitic infestations. A real estate lease in Illinois defines the rights and obligations of landowners or landlords and tenants. Illinois leases for residential and commercial real estate are located between a landlord and a tenant for the use of land for rent. The tenant should first consult the space and, in case of interest, request the presentation of the credit and background data on the rent application. Once the landlord has verified his registration information and the individual (s) has been approved, negotiations on rent, sureties and other conditions must be negotiated. As soon as a rental agreement has been established and signed by the landlord and tenant, it becomes a legal document on which each party has the terms. The owner of each rental unit (including condos) in buildings of four (4) units or more must obtain a rental license.