FOSS4G Asia 2018 organizes a FOSS4G workshops session 


ID Title  Author / Presenter
W01 Geopaparazzi: never out of data in the field Andrea Antonello
W02 Building Standards Compliant Geospatial Web Applications – the Quick and Easy MapMint Way Grald Fenoy
W03 ZOO-Project Introduction Workshop Grald Fenoy
W04 OSGeo.JP Workshop for UN Vector Tile Toolkit – Let’s make sustainable web maps Hidenori Fujimura
W05 MapServer hand-on: learn the fastest online mapping engine in the world Jeff McKenna
W06 Workshop on SLEUTH a land use change model M. Vani
W07 Introduction to GeoNetwork Maria Arias de Reyna
W08 The LAStools LiDAR Processing toolbox in QGIS Martin Isenburg
W09 Tile-based batch Processing of Photogrammetry Points with the LAS tools LiDAR Processing toolbox in QGIS Martin Isenburg
W10 Mobile open source GIS applications for societal needs Natraj Vaddadi
W11 Building a 4ONSE Weather Station Rangajeewa Rathnayake
W12 The DART model (Discrete Anisotropic Radiative Transfer) Salghuna Nair
W13 Proposal for the workshop on Geospatial Application Development using MongoDB Geospatial Query operators and Aggregation Framework Sasikala Ramasamy
W14 Web-GIS Using GeoServer and OpenLayers Shailesh Chaure

Extended Deadline – 
15 August 2018

Learn Open Source GIS and Web-mapping technologies straight from the FOSS4G developers during these hands-on experiences. In order to sign up for workshops, you must purchase your seat. Please select the workshop(s) you want to attend at Registration.


Call for proposals 

Developers, researchers and users are invited to submit proposals written in English comprising 500-800 words for workshops. Proposals must contain sufficient details under the topics mentioned below.

  1. Description of the workshop
  2. Pre-requisite knowledge for the attendees/background of participants
  3. Pre-requisite for attending the workshop
  4. Demo/hands-on
  5. Any other information/specifications

Proposal submission procedure

Please register for the conference before submitting your proposal. 

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Registered users can visit abstract submission page to submit their proposal under Workshop. 

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Extended Deadline – 15 August 2018