Qualitative Analysis of urbanization using Open datasets

Presenter : Ajay Kumar Mulakala

Type:  Oral

In this presentation the speaker will be presenting about the availability of open datasets which can be used to qualitatively classify the extent of urbanization. Open datasets such as NASA landsat imagery, night light data and Open streetmap building data can be used to study correlations between various datasets and arrive at a methodology to classify the urbanization.

This analysis is useful for business establishments to overlay their sales datasets and look for patterns in their sales. These patterns can lead to potential new markets and also manage their supply chains more efficiently. Open datasets and Open Source tools enable these analytical outputs to be integrated into their existing work-flows.

Once these sales data is integrated to spatial data machine learning algorithms can be deployed for predictive modeling. Population census data plays a major role in such predictive modeling. Presenter is working on developing solutions using such large scale data available in open domain.