Open Source Smart Parking Application Using Internet of Things and pgRouting

Presenter : Ankur Shukla

Type:  Oral

Smart city paradigm holds great potential for the future but it also faces many challenges which need to be overcome, parking problems faced by cities these days is one such mammoth issue. Smart cities need smart parking solutions which can serve users fast, and with reliability. In our novel approach, we aim to build a synergic data flow between the parking owners and the motorists by leveraging the power of open source technologies such as Internet of Things and pgRouting. Thus serving both of them with a real-time smart parking solution.
The proposed approach provides an open source application for parking owners to register their parking spaces by deploying location aware vehicle sensors. These sensors communicate the availability of parking space to the server in real-time. This information will be exploited by the application to select the best route, using pgRouting. The best route will be calculated based on parameters viz. real-time traffic scenarios and parking space availability near the destination. The output route is displayed on open source mapping service. The application also serves the purpose of the current scenario as well as a base platform for further development.

Keywords: Open Source, IoT, pgRouting, Real-Time Smart Parking