Open Source Platform a Boon for Large Scale Implementation of GIS at Tehsils/Blocks for Updation of Cadastral Maps and Core Network of Roads

Presenter : Ganesh Khadanga

Type: Oral

Abstract – A software module was developed in Open Source Platforms using PostGIS database, Geo Server and WAMP as app servers for the geographic data analysis and processing. This open source integrated solution platform helps in developing domain specific software products with facilities for the integration of various maps with the attribute data. Through this platform the digitized maps can be stored, viewed and specific queries on both text and map data can be done. It displays the attribute data along with the Map data in the standard reporting formats. Apart from this, the software can also be used to generate reports based on the buffers selected around a point. The updation of the roads because of changes in alignment can also be done. This application can display the various layers and overlay the maps layer over Google map or Bhuvan.  The cadastral map display and updation due to mutations (sale/inheritance/court orders) can also be done though the cadastral map updation module.

Keywords—GIS, Geo Server, Post GIS, Cadastral Maps, Mutation;