Open geospatial technology and data ecosystem in Bangladesh

Presenter :Ahasanul Hoque

Type:  Oral

While technology and data leading the world’s rapid changes, the open source technology has accelerated the speed. With the relatively recent escalation of the Internet’s impact on making and growth of software, open source has become a popular vehicle to obtain widespread use and support of some very popular software titles. This global wave has reached the lower middle income country Bangladesh which is riding the peak of digital movement now a days. The open geospatial technologies and data have great potential to improve public services such as health, education, environment, planning, dealing disasters and many more. To attain the goal of Digital Bangladesh mission, Government encouraging create and maintain sector specific spatial and non-spatial data and sharing those with public through different spatial and non-spatial open platforms to have the positive reflection from the stakeholders and citizens, such as improved coordination among Government-non government-development partners and aid agencies, increased public service efficiency, accountability of government and empowering citizens through their active participation. Apart the organizational initiatives the voluntary open source geospatial communities have been formed and practices of community driven geospatial data creation and use are increasing day by day what making an open source technology and data ecosystem in country. This article reflecting a comprehensive study, has been done on that ecosystem, its approach, impediments in open data sharing, gaps in emergency response data and issues in open data quality and use cases and the identified possible measures.

Keywords: OpenData; OpenDRI, OSGeo, QGIS, GeoNODE, OGD, OSM, GIS