Offline LBS app for Healthcare Services

Presenter : Meena Kumari K

Type: Oral

With the huge advancement in Geospatial Technologies, internet connectivity now plays a very crucial role in the day to day lives of people. Geospatial technology is now in the hands of common people through smart phone and internet technology. But in a developing country like India, internet connectivity is not available in all places especially in remote locations like villages. The disadvantage of online LBS is that the user will not be able to receive or get updates of the services if the connectivity is lost. Location Based Services (LBS) provides information to the mobile user based on their location along with onboard GPS on the mobile devices. These applications are also used in the healthcare sector. But all these services like finding nearby healthcare facilities etc are provided online over the mobile network (i.e. depends on the Internet connectivity). So there is a need to implement an offline LBS system where the users can get access even when there is no internet connectivity. In this paper an attempt is made for an app has developed in open source platform to create the offline LBS app particularly for the healthcare services. Open source technology like phonegap and leaflet is used for creating the cross platform application where in the data (location, attributes (healthcare facilities details)) are stored offline. Application also provide provision of data syncing to reflect the current data from the centralised server during internet connectivity.

Keywords: LBS, Health Services, Offline application, Open source, Cross Platform, Phonegap