LSIViewer 2.0: An online viewer for  Geospatial vector data using javascript and canvas

Presenter : Manikanta K

Type: Poster

With the exponential increasing demands and uses of GIS data visualization system, such as urban planning, environment and climate change monitoring, weather simulation, hydrographic gauge and so forth, the geospatial vector visualization research, application and technology has become prevalent.  GPS enabled mobile devices and ground sensor networks has unlocked the power of GIS, and put online maps and geospatial intelligence in the offices of millions and the hands of billions. Thus there is need for a simple, easy and robust online LSIViewer , which supports multiple geospatial vector formats that helps the users and GIS developers to view and style their vector data. This paper delineates how well the Web Technologies and Javascript coalesce to give a  robust and efficient LSIViewer application. The Visualization tools we had in the past were mainly desktop applications. But with growing data and usability we need a faster and ready tool. Using the latest Web technologies like the HTML Canvas and  javascript,  we developed a tool based on client server model, that takes input vector file from the client (web browser). The server receives and converts the file uploaded into geojson using GDAL/OGR library. The converted geojson data is then sent to the server which can be visualized using HTML canvas. Also we use openlayers to view this geojson data over a WMS like google maps, openstreetmap maps. The current tool supports multiple formats , they are ESRI Shapefile, GPX, KML, Geojson and GML, also it has support for basic  functionalities like zoom, pan, style. The users can also export the vector data as JPG and PNG.

Keywords : GIS, Javascript, Geospatial vector data, web application, Geojson,  HTML5 canvas, gdal/ogr