Land Information System using Open Source Tools

Presenter : Deepali Shrivastava

Type:  Oral

The ownership of land and its resources has been the basis of wealth for most societies since the beginning of civilization. The management of Land area has been a matter of dispute since then. Modern Land Information systems (LIS) helps to solve many such problems. In this work an interactive user friendly land information system has been developed. The objective of this work was to develop and demonstrate a fully functional desktop GIS using open source software tools like Geotools, PostGIS and Java using NetBeans environment. For testing the application spatial data of Bhopal Region, M.P was created in PostGIS. A GUI was designed using NetBeans and Postgresql to display and render the spatial data along with the attribute fields. The developed tool provides the facilities for distance and area measurement, buffer creation around Khasra/land parcel polygons by defining buffer distance and area. Other functions include panning, zooming, attribute viewing on a mouse click, intersection, clipping etc. The application also a feature of printing of the selected khasra along with surrounding khasra on A4 paper. The application development using the open source tools requires minimum efforts and time. The use of PostgreSQL provides the facility for complex spatial analysis required for the land information system.

Keywords: Geotools, PostgreSQL, JAVA, LIS, GIS