Developing service oriented framework for integration of field data into GIS using FOSS4G stack

Presenter : Niroshan Sanjaya

Type: Poster

Field data collection and processing are playing key roles in many areas of studies. Most of the conventional data collection methods are expensive and time consuming. Crucial part of the process in field data collection and processing is bringing field data to analytical platform like Geographic Information System (GIS). The significant changes have been occurred to the field data collection due to the development of information technology. In addition, popularity and utilization of mobile phone for data collection emerge with proliferation of mobile devices. On the other side, Open Geospatial Consortium Web Services (OWS) has offered variety of technologies and methods to store, spread and process GIS data over the Internet. In contrast, integration of Web GIS technologies and mobile applications create a convenient platform to get field data into GIS and taking GIS data to field survey. It led to provide powerful platform for Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) for a wide variety of needs. This study utilized FOSS4G software packages for developing and combining mobile applications with Web-GIS and build tailored application for field data collection and subsequent spatial analysis and visualization on the Web.