Developing a free digital map and a mobile travel guide for National Zoological Garden of Sri Lanka using OSM and open source mapping tools

Presenter : Rivini Pramodi

Type: Oral

This study was done as a case study of suitability of OSM and related tools for preparation of cost effective maps in an efficient manner and use of data captured via OSM. The study site, National Zoological Garden of Sri Lanka is one of the oldest zoo in Asia and exhibits a large collection of animals in a mixed of open spaces and cages spread in 11 acres of area. It is a strong tourist attraction and around half million people visit the zoo per year. The only available maps for the zoo are old paper maps which are not sufficient for decision making or travel guides. Before the study, OSM showed only the outer boundary of the zoo. As the satellite images provided were not of enough clarity, using existing paper maps as the basis, GPS tracks of required features are collected using OSM Tracker tool via field visits. The collected tracks are digitized using JSOM plugin for OSM and attribute data are incorporated. The JSOM datasets are verified for the accuracy and the completeness of the data by a second field visit. The final map shows over 100 objects consist of animal cages, cafes, green pockets, important plants and other features. A mobile travel guide which provide facilities to search and find specific animal areas and planning trips around the zoo is prepared as an Android mobile application based on the collected data. This study shows that even novice users can readily use OSM based tools to create detailed digital maps but proper planning, domain knowledge and support of users are key factors for success.

Keywords: Field data collection, OSM mapping, JSOM, mobile zoo guide, Android