Cloud-Based Near Real-Time Monitoring of Electricity Usage and Human Occupancy Inside Buildings using Image Processing and WiFi Log Data

Presenter : Nguyen Duong Tri Nguyen and Sarawut Ninsawat

Type: Oral

Monitor the electricity consumption is the first step toward to improve the efficiency of using energy. However, the electricity consumption highly depends on behavior and number of the occupants. Additionally, the occupancy counting has been one of the most attractive concerns in building monitoring. The aim of this study was developing cloud-based near real-time monitoring of electricity usage and human occupancy inside buildings which provide online information on web map. Monitoring electricity usage system used digital image processing method for optical charter recognize. Automated reading electricity meter is processed on Raspberry PI by using OpenCV. Besides that, WiFi connections are used as a proxy for human occupancy, which is a simple and new method to measure activity. The cloud-based system was developed by using dropbox service and Carto API. The result of this study was the application which published the near real-time electricity usage and human occupancy maps with charts of last twenty four hours data on website. It led to awareness of electricity usage, and human occupancy in buildings.