Integration of mobile mapping with GIS for tree inventory using FOSS tools

Presenter : ABHILASH K.G

Type:  Oral

Trees are major capital assets in world. Systematically protect various trees is very difficult in developing country. GIS is very important role in developing country because rising demand for resource and space, especially in country like India, where population exceed the resource available, we need smart solution. A smart cities use location based information to enhance performance and well being, to reduce cost and resource conception, and also engage more efficiency and actively with its citizens. This paper deeply discusses how to implement tree inventory management system using Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) tools. Tree inventories can include the collection of tree data on a large scale such as canopy cover, forest type and condition, or examine the specific condition of individual trees, such as health, type, current status different trees, data collection is done on mobile based field inspection and assessment. The combination of mobile mapping with open source GIS will plays a pivotal role for innovative and sustainable solutions to many of today’s common environmental problems.